Window Cleaning

Wide body channel constructed of high grade aircraft aluminum with end clips. Extended aluminum channel in longer lengths designed to reduce flex for optimal results. Designed for cleaning large windows and uses any standard s-style squeegee rubbers.
Designed for professional window cleaning and can fit up to an 18" washer. Holds up to 6 gallons of water and your cleaning solution. Window bucket is 19" x 10" x 10". Wheels, lids, and hooks are offered as an accessory.
Manufactured of solid tempered brass and professional quality. Replaceable, streak free rubber blade for glass and mirrors. Rubber blade is secured in the channel by a clip that adjusts the tension.
Razor sharp square edge, supple, smooth, consistent which leaves glass perfectly clean and streak-free. For best results replace rubber regularly.
Made of fine microfibers that allows for maximum scrubbing power and high water retention. Includes double sewn ends for durability as well as convenient scouring pad for stubborn dirt.
Heavy-duty double action sleeve with thousands of flexible interwoven bristles. Filaments are tough on dirt, yet soft on glass and aluminum. Not intended for Mylar coated glass.
Multipurpose holster features a main compartment for holding solution and washer, as well as three additional compartments for squeegees. Easily detachable from tool belt and can be worn on left or right side.
Contoured handle for ergonomic fit with slotted plastic tubing. Very durable with high impact plactic. Fits all Ettore poles. Comes in various sizes.
High Performance Glass and Surface Cleaner
Window and Glass Cleaner
Plastic coated handle house cleaner scraper is an easy and convenient device. Easy to remove sticky residue and paint.
Retractable blade safety feature. Suitable for glass and tiles, and takes standard single-edged blades. Compact and easy to carry around.
The locking collars are made from nylon. The end of each pole comprises a standard or screw cone for mounting any type of tool. Offers a full range of possibilities for high up cleaning and is comprised of one, two, or three parts. Comes in various sizes.
Hard Surface Cleaner & Degreaser