TopLine Speed Burnish Pad 3200

TopLine Speed Burnish Pad 3200

Restores gloss to dull floors in a single pass. Optimizes ultra high speed floor care on a wide variety of floor finishes. Minimizes finish removal.


  • Used for dry buffing and moderate spray cleaning
  • Made of high quality synthetic fibers in a non-woven web bonded with a durable resin system that permeates the entire pad
  • Optimizes UHS burnishing on a wide variety of finishes
  • Combines black mark removal and gloss generation in one pad


  • Center Hole Diameter: 3.375 Inch
  • Diameter: 21 Inch
  • Material: Non-Woven Polyester Fibre
  • Shape: Round
  • Size: 19 Inch
  • Thickness: 1 Inch
  • Width: 19 Inch